Straighten decorative flowering cherry.

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    Church decorative tree (flowering plum I think), planted 3 years ago with 18" dia root ball from nursery..

    Grew with a 15 degree lean (probably due to prevailing winds near hilltop). Present diameter about 3" at 4 ft ht, can see root movement when pushing on it to about 3 ft out.

    Plan to prop to straighten - the question is how much to do at a time and interval between movement.
    Can I pull it vertical all in one shot (about 3" root movement 1 ft out from trunk) or best to do over a couple of years? Would like to do in one shot and prop in place and compact soil around roots.

    Root compaction: what is best - just stomp with big feet, tamping down with sledgehammer head, sheepfoot roller type compactor, or ?

    Which is less harmful to the trunk - padded loop and pull on trunk or 4x4 prop with pad?


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