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The Official Axe Cordwood Challenge



Firewood Hoarder, Axe Enthusiast
Jul 31, 2017
Hillcountry, South-Central PA
Thank ya.

Yeah, 1 or 2 hours most evenings and then a few hours on Saturday.

I walked out in some light rain and walked in with some but was fortunate to not have to deal with that either.

I'd take any season over winter so there's plenty of good chopping left. Besides the horrid 90+ and humidity it only gets better.

Last year I knew I wasn't gonna continue with the axe and I certainly didn't and lost track of the thread and axe content as well. This year I'm planning on keeping up with the axes myself and seeing what others are up to. Definitely keep updating the thread with your progress/videos, I'll be looking for it.
Well, you dun gud!

The days are starting to get longer, and like last year, I've got a mountain of logs to split and stack before the spring rains and bugs start to manifest, but I'm it shouldn't take that long. The days are already getting longer, and soon the stupid DST will kick in, so it'll provide me more daylight after work. Last year I finished before July, so can't see why that couldn't be the case again this year. I mean, no reason to rush it, right?

I'll definitely keep up the video, but might migrate my content to a new pseudonym channel so not to associate my real name with it anymore, still undecided. And you sir, keep up the chopping and I look forward to seeing more from you as well!
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Jul 18, 2016
Splitting will keep you ready for chopping and it's substantially easier, win win. No rush at all, although finished I plan to do a little chopping this fall and every season in between.

I can understand that, anything specific prompt those thoughts? I look forward to you slaying with that Basque under any name you see fit.

I plan to do quite a bit more falling and limbing for sure. Little bit of bucking but nothing to the extent of the cordwood challenge.

I toyed with the idea of doing my entire 4-5 cord yearly supply with an axe. During the chopping I deemed that crazy. It's definitely doable, but I already know I would start to resent picking up the axe rather than looking forward to it.
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