268 piston for a 372 xp

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Nov 2, 2014
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Which piston would you guys use for a 372 xp. I'm doing a little experimenting with a AM cylinder before I use the new OEM cylinder I have.
These pistons came with the saw that was a xtorq now being converted to a 372xp OE.
The windowed piston on the left looks nicely made and the rings have a small HW on them, it was just in a small ziploc bag. Maybe hyway rings.
The slab side piston was in a Farmertec box. Slightly lighter piston also .
I know which ever one I use will need to be machined into a pop up depending on the squish clearance which I have a lathe for that.
I do have a couple Caber rings also.

Still waiting for my right angle hand piece to get here before I can do any port work.

I searched the forums quite a bit and I can't seem to get a solid answer if guys are still cutting down the cylinder wall flush with the base or not. It seems to be 50/50.

Also are the upper transfer ports and 2 different heights. Looks like the port closest to the intake is higher then the rear port. Maybe a degree or 2. Haven't checked with the timing wheel yet. I don't have my OEM cylinder yet to verify if they are the same. . Waiting for a buddy to pick it up for me in a couple weeks.

The AM cylinder I have I checked the timing a while ago and it is
IN 75
EX 102
TR 125
SQ .20 NBG.

My plan is to set the squish with a base gasket to the stock 2 rink piston then machine the 268 piston to work.

This way if I don't like it I can always go back to the stock piston and still have good compression.


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