Eastern redbud planting



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May 26, 2020
Hi All. I planted a bare root eastern redbud about three years ago. It seems to have done pretty well - plenty of growth and flowers this year. However, I think I made the rookie mistake of planting too deeply. I notice that there is a big fissure in the bark near the base, and I am worried that the roots are suffocating under the clay soil on my property. I tried recently to dig out a bit of the trunk to expose the root flare. However, the root flare is way below the soil line now and water will certainly collect in the depression around the trunk. I know some services will use compressed air to expose the root flare, but not sure how to ensure the depression around the tree does not accumulate water that will also drown the roots unless the flare can somehow be raised above the surrounding soil line.

Wondering if folks think this tree is slowly dying and/or can be saved. If it can be saved, wondering what advice folks have to achieve that goal.

Pics below. Thanks!


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