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Dang. I hope our guys over there are doing what they can. I'm surprised 113F is a record in the country.

(Edit: I'm apparently not very good at reading the whole sentence... "On December 16, the remote mining town of Telfer recorded 45°C (113°F), the highest temperature recorded anywhere in the country on that day. / High temperatures also swept New South Wales in September and again in early December, when the airport in Sydney recorded 45.7°C (114.3°F), the highest temperature recorded at the station since it began making observations in 1929.

Oh man. -> The hot, dry conditions heightened the risk of bushfires in Western Australia, Northern Territory, and New South Wales. Near Narrabri, New South Wales (360 kilometers northwest of Sydney), a fire broke out in Pilliga Forest and quickly spread to cover 121,000 hectares (300,000 acres) by December 18"

Hang in there guys.
The smokehouse creek fire ran from Stinnett texas to Higgins Oklahoma (85 miles) in less than 24 hours and now the entire southern flank is running south and has merged with the windy deuce fire . The towns of Borger, canadian, and fritch are being significantly impacted. 1/4 of a million acres so far.
A "grass" fire broke out this afternoon over in the lower Methow Valley (aka lycraland) . The last report I saw said it was headed up the hill towards timber. The little air boss planes and a helicopter were dispatched, and the planes were scooping up water in the Columbia at Pateros.

Sounds like everybody was dispatched including a few smokejumpers, who were being transported by ground (making a truck jump, I guess). Just heard the helicopter returning to its home here as it is getting dark. Tomorrow is supposed to be quite windy.

It has begun.....dammit!
We gots fires breaking out. I had no idea of the one in the suburbs until I went out to pick some lettuce and saw a helicopter with a bucket in the distance. Rumor has it that a fire truck was burned up--unsubstantiated so far and I hope it isn't true. State and local fire folks hit the fire hard and fast and sounds like people can go home now.

Whilst reading about that one, saw where another fire was taking off on the other side of the Columbia River--McNeil canyon area. That canyon leads up to the dryland wheat growing area and it's about time for the wheat to be getting ripe (dry).

I guess the lull is ended.