Husqy battery mowers....anyone?

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It works! The bag is a little annoying, so I'm going to look into the mulch plug/blade and whether it's worth it.

My landlord will love the bag, though in 4' tall wild oat-grass, it fills up really fast (30-60 seconds).


Going to be some adjusting to it, but it's incredibly easy on the body and basically no vibrations. My lady thinks she can do it some, although probably small amounts at a time. She'll have to work on getting straighter lines, though.

The first photo has a thick stand of 4-5' tall grass in it. I tried it on multiple height settings, but it just can't get every last piece. Barely bogged, though!
More. Highest height on the deck, and I still had to make two passes where the worst/tallest/thickest of the grasses are. It bogged the most on the grass-foxtails' seed heads. 10x easier on my body than the weedwhacker.

So far I'm liking it!
Battery electric has come a long way. You couldn't give me a gas mower these days.

I hear ya!

I took the mower out for a spin last nite after work. I realized I hadn't even utilized the self-propelled feature, as I ASSUMED it was an ingrained feature. There's a separate bar under the handle you apply to engage the self-propel. It climbed up the hill to the pond with no trouble! Almost finished the pond area, but much of the rest is weedwhacker work due to the rosemary bushes and edge of the slope.

My landlord was stoked with the piles of mulch I left.

A neighbor just up the hill claims to have seen/nicked a rattler last week during our warm-spell. I'm even more motivated to have the grass down, now, but am waiting on the wildflowers to lose their blooms first.