MS261cm Ignition module

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Yes that is for the start identification. In the cold start mode on the triangle position that little micro switch of the trigger unit is activated. Through this the control unit knows that the cold start mode is activated (closed chocke shutter) and the mixture (fuel flow through the solenoid valve) is highly enriched for starting. If the thorttle is blipped after succsessful starting, (chocke shutter opens) and the engine goes into normal idle mode and the triangle start position (microswitch) is deactivated.
price should be around 40$, unless EU prices are that much higher than US ones, they often are.:mad:

And according to my info there is just the 1 version of that part, so You should not be able to go wrong at a stihl dealer.
I would like to thank everybody for all the precious info regarding the issue with my saw. It's my first time using a forum, and kinda new in the chainsaw world. I'm amazed how people from different countries step up to help others. Just plain AWESOME. 🙏🏻👏🏻🎉

I'll keep you guys posted as soon as I get the part!