My First attemp, Red Beans & Rice

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Oct 21, 2008
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My first attempt at red beans and rice. Cooked with out a recipe the way I wanted for them to taste.

I knew I wanted to make a good amount.

2 cups of rice to start in a big pot, 4 .5 cups of Hot water.

While rice was cooking I cut up a large red onion.

Boss in living room complained the onion smell was strong in there.

Placed onion in fry pan with two tea spoons of butter to cook till translucent.

By the time they reached that point the rice was ready for me to add the onions to it. Turned heat to high side of low.

Added two table spoons of garlic powder, I had forgot to get the real thing.

Would have added about 5 cloves of crushed garlic if I’d remembered.

Rice is now ready for the beans, I used canned kidney beans as that was what was in the cupboard waiting for Kare to some day make her chill.

I used the beans and the juice in and stirred real well. Allowed to simmer to evaporate a little moisture.

Will for go this next time, I feel went to dry.

My daughter says she adds salsa to hers. She uses a brand a friend makes and sells. Do not get it here in Michigan, so I picked up a mild national brand.

Added the whole jar in to the pot and stirred again.

Next time I won’t add the whole jar or maybe omit it and use drained diced tomatoes instead.

Reason? The salsa I felt over powered every thing else in the pot.

Added a palm pile of salt (estimate a table spoon). And stirred again let simmer about 5 minutes and filled a bowl it up.

Kare took a quick taste and declined to eat any said to spicy for her.
OK some for me later. A quick mirco wave dinner.

:D Al

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