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Mar 30, 2024
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Nova Scotia
First post ... Here I go:

I have two O28 saws, ones a Woodboss the other an AV Super. The Super I picked up at a yard sale for a steal, but it was in rough shape and missing a few parts. I've got it 95% back to being able to do what it was meant to do but I can't quite figure out the inner side plate. The casing where the inner side plate goes (I think) does not have a threaded hole for a retaining screw. It DOES have two cast holes that will hold nylon bumper strips. Now this is NOT on the outer sprocket cover, its the inner case housing. I've put the nylon bumper strips on for now (shown in the picture). I did purchase an Inner Side Plate from my local Stihl dealer, part number 1122-664-1001, but I need to take the bumper strips off to get it on and once I put it on , I cant get the side cover on as the two prongs that hold the bar interfere with the proper setting of the outer case, so that's not right.
Should this saw have an Inner Side Plate at all? If I buy the one I think might fit (other pic) then I will need to ditch the bumper strips as they will not fit under it (and would be redundant if they did).
I've also attached a pic of the outer cover just in case this might help. oh BTW, does this outer cover need a chip deflector, or did this one not have that?

So much to learn, so little time ....

Thanks!20240402_101821.jpgScreenshot 2024-04-02 112904.png20240402_101849.jpg20240402_101933.jpg20240402_102005.jpg
The plate you have is for saw that has a side adjuster. Your saw appears to not use an inner plate, just the bumper strips. Case is not tapped for the other plate 1122 664 1000
Cover should have a chip deflector, it’s missing.


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