What's Hittin' the Grill or Smoker?

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He’s in Texas, Much better climate for early peaches and that tree looks like a mature producer.

We’ve had strawberries for a few weeks in Maryland.
hi EG

actually, it is its 3rd season since got from nursery. quite surprised at all the peaches this year!! now making some jan with them, too.
had a nice camp fire going other day. dinner menu was strip and tenders. i decided to do mine over hot oak coals...

the strip was incredibly tasty! not just sure why, maybe one of best ever i have eaten! uh-huh! that good... maybe it was the scothch! lol...

no leftovers ! :lol:
I've shifted over the smoking job onto the Gas BBQ. Got the smoker box going with some Apple wood chips/chunks.

Pulled out a couple of long pork links and at the same time did some chicken thighs that were on sale the other day .

Will last me a good while as I use these for different meals.

Bit into one of the Thighs, Wow!!! A well spent couple of hours while catching up on some reading.


not whats hitting, but creative, going to use it for cold smoking, tried some cheese last night quick, it turned out good


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