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Discussion in 'Chainsaw' started by excess650, Mar 8, 2009.

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    I took my muffler modded Makita DCS401 and Husky 242 out to tune "in the wood". The Makita (now)just rips for a small saw, but the 242 was a disappointment, so both went home.

    I pulled out my 36" 114dl chains and sharpened both in anticipation of doing some milling. The skip chain was still pretty sharp despite milling 9 slabs of white oak up to 30" wide and 8' long. The full comp chain needed a bit more work, but wasn't as bad as I had thought.

    From my parts I assembled an 026, and fired it up. After sharpening a rocked out chain, I tuned it in wood. It screams on top end, but seems a bit rich on the bottom. I'll try a carb kit, but otherwise, its good. The little sob oils like a Husky!

    Today I pulled the muffler on the 242 and had another look. The muffler seemed like it might be restrictive despite the PO having removed the screen. I removed the inner baffle, and replaced the screen. When I tried to check the compression, the :censored:starter rope broke, so that was replaced. While I was at it, I pulled the cylinder and had another peek at the inside. The cylinder, piston and ring had been rehabbed after scoring, but I could see light streaking in the cylinder and a dark spot on the ring. My replacement piston was some .030" shorter from center of the wristpin to the crown, and would give lower compression than I was looking for. Instead, I opted to use the old piston, new ring, and deleted the base gasket. Squish was decreased by .015", and compression raised by 20# to 180#. Retuning with tach found a no load RPM increase from just shy of 14K to 15K. I think that I can add another port to the muffler without hurting performance, but that's for another day.
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    I finished cleaning my 238se. Still runs great for a 24 year old saw. This is just a little smaller than the 242.


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    I messed around a little with the Mono. Trying to see why the clutch is engaging at idle, think it needs new springs.

    Did I mention how loud that thing is in the garage!:dizzy:

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