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  1. MagArb

    Want to Sell Dosko 510SD 6” Chipper

    Chipper 2004 Dosko 510SD with SmartFeed. Less than 1000hrs. This is a great little chipper, and is easy to maneuver into tight spots with sharp knives it will chip up to 5.5” hardwood, and 6” soft wood, though it’s best suited for diameters up to 5”. The first owner pressure washed around the...
  2. tylee10

    chipper tongue extension?

    I bought a bandit 75xp and notice the tongue might be a bit to short. my hitch is under the truck about half a foot from the back. Has anyone had or has a chipper tongue extension and what does it look like? how did you fix the problem, pics please?
  3. tylee10

    Chipper Security - Wheel clamps?

    So I just bought a new bandit chipper. I park the truck and chipper off site in a storage place, even though it's behind a gate and it might have cameras I still want to protect it and I want to get a wheel clamp! What type a wheel clamps have other companies use before? my tires are around...
  4. tylee10

    Chipper hourly rate in Canada?

    I have been in business for over 10 years mostly working as a contract climber but now I have bought a bandit chipper and chip truck im excited but the only thing im still wondering about is what I charge per hour for chipping debris? but it has to be in cdn dollars as I know the industry costs...
  5. S

    Want to Sell Morbark 2012-D, Perkins Diesel powered,

    Morbark Wood Chipper 2012-D Perkins Turbo Diesel Powered 2557 hours For sale and immediate inspection up to and including putting a tree through the machine. Excellent condition Morbark chipper. Perkins Diesel with turbo. Twin Disk Clutch Ex State Surplus unit, with great maintenance...
  6. P

    Best chipper for mainly palm fronds

    Hello, wanted to ask a question here before buying the wrong chipper. I have read all postings here about this subject but I still have worries. I live in 5 acres with about 250 mature palms, lots of oaks, mango and avocado. I remove all fronds and pruning, place them outside every other week...
  7. old_oar

    Help a homeowner with his chipper?

    First, I really appreciate any help, and the professionals willing to reach out. I can answer questions in other forums but not here! I have a barely used DEK Brushmaster 15 hp chipper - single blade on a rotating disk, leaf chute on top. Total run time is less than 20 hours. It's been in...
  8. 4cornerstree

    SOLD!!!! chipper, ABQ, NM

    '99 woodchuck with low hours, meter does work! W/C 11, 9 inch capacity, 80 hp Duetz diesel Disk wheel, 2 feed wheels with hydraulic lift. $9500.00 no title
  9. J

    Bandit 12XPC clutch

    I recently bought a 2018 Bandit 12XP, 100+ hours on it. Two days later upon shutting down it started to squeal. It sounded like the belt slipping. Long story short the chipper drum isn't free spinning, engine pulley won't spin freely even with clutch disengaged. The clutch was never adjusted...
  10. C

    1990xp chipper issue

    I have a 1990xp bandit chipper recently it has not been working correctly all of a sudden I will try and chip something I would lose rpms and it wouldn’t regain rpms I would have to push the button and try to regain rpms sometimes it would go up and sometimes and wouldn’t at all my rpms would be...
  11. L

    chipper motor

    trying to help a friend id this motor on a old chuck n duck 12 inch chipper , no data plate but have 49-14-44-1 which I think was on the block , he also found this 40-000-3623 , thanks for any help
  12. A

    Want to Sell 2005 Vermeer BC1400

    2005 Vermeer BC1400 4000 hours $9000 Contact me at 903-261-7636 (serious inquiries only) Located in Kilgore,TX
  13. M

    What is it worth?

    This is my first post on the forum so please bare with me while I try to figure this all out. So I am in the process of rebuilding a woodchuck 12 inch chipper. It is a hyroller 1200 model with a 4b cummins. I am going through it totally from the hitch to the feed tray. What would a fair sale...
  14. H

    Wood Pro chipper parts

    I just picked up an old Wood Pro 20D160 chipper from craigslist. It works great, but it didn't come with any spare knives and because it is so old I'm just trying to find anyone who carries parts. If anyone knows a source for parts or even a manual/ parts diagram, I would be extremely grateful.
  15. jimholly

    BC625 Chipper Air in Hydraulic system

    My BC625A chipper is getting air (cavitation) in the hydraulic system. Everything seemed to be sealed between the hydraulic tank and the pump, but I replaced the hose just to be safe. Still getting air. Now I'm thinking I need to replace the pump. The Vermeer parts manual describes this as...
  16. Joshua anderson

    Brush bandit 250xp with jd 4045 no start

    Have a 250xp my dad bought new in 2001 im trying to start. We ran it a little over a year ago everything was fine now i just put a new battery in it and can not get it to do anything. Ive checked the plug on the disk compartment along with every other connection at the panel ive got power...
  17. M

    Chipper for 50 acre wooded swamp

    Hi there, First all, thanks for reading. I truly value your time and opinion. I have a 50 acre woodlot part of the Greenock swamp complex in Ontario, Canada. The forest floor is covered in rotting logs, branches, and debris. It hasn't been cared for at all, with one tree falling on top of the...
  18. Benjamin Absher

    Want to buy Truck and Chipper

    It's time I make the leap. I am looking for a dump truck and chipper of reasonable price and working condition. Bucket/chip combos are a possibility. If you have equipment to sell, send me the information with pictures and we can go from there. Thank you in advance for your responses!
  19. Jester3775

    Woodsman 730 Manuals ?

    Hi Guys, just upgraded from an old Vermeer 935 (Perkins engine) to a used Woodsman 730. Wow, I never ran a drum chipper before and I am super impressed ! My question to you all is if anyone has Owners, Parts or Repair manuals they would be willing to sell or share ? I was not able to get...
  20. L

    bandit 90 disc bearings

    need to replace the disc bearings on 90 xp only one side is bad , its the side near the anvil any tips would be very helpful it almost looks like there is a retaining ring around bearing several small holes but did not seem like there was any allen head inside of it . looked online did not see...