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  1. K

    Stihl 041 AV Oiling issue

    Ok please don't jump down my throat to do a search, that's actually how I found this site and its wealth of information. I've poured over every thread I could find so I was informed before I asked. I bought an old 041AV, it runs great and it was oiling pretty decently until the last cuts I did...
  2. M

    MS361 chain oiling problem

    Is there supposed to be a gasket between this plate and the saw body (see picture)? I've picked up a used MS361 for $100 that was not pumping oil. I just put a new oil pump and gear in it and now it's pumping oil, but the oil isn't getting to the chain. If I run it for a minute or so, the...
  3. T

    36" Bar on PS-7900?

    I've got a Granville 36" mill, and a Dolmar PS-7900 (upgraded PS-6400). I'm thinking about getting a 36" bar so I can use the max capacity of my mill (on occassion, not all the time). Based on my research, the 36" bar is a bit long for a PS-7900 in general, but I'm wondering if it's ok to use...
  4. WoodyReedy

    Husqvarna 460 Rancher won't get oil to the chain..

    My Husqvarna 460 Rancher, 24" chain, is not letting oil get to the chain. I repaced the metal oiler, the plastic oiler drive gear and the rubber distribution tube, but it didn't make any difference. I have the oiler set to it's highest setting, (turned counter clockwise to its third setting)...
  5. Mac&Homelite

    Ms 361 max bar length?

    So I have a little dilemma, I currently only have access to a ms361, and I have an upcoming project at some point requires me to cut some large rounds out of some elm for table tops. I know Stihl only recommends a 28'' max bar, but am I out of my mind if I want to use a 32-36'' bar in .050 3/8...
  6. Jacob J.

    Want to buy Husqvarna 3120 oil pump

    Hey guys- I'm building up a saw for a buddy and need a 3120 oil pump. I have cash or trade. thanks!
  7. jrmywstr

    Service manual for Stihl 084 wanted (oiler question...)

    First thing, I'm looking for the service manual for a Stihl 084, electronic copy would be great. On a related note: I have been using an 084 on my chainsaw milling setup for a while now, love this saw! However, I am not getting as much bar oil delivery as I'd like. With the oiler cranked up to...
  8. R

    Auto oiler for 3120K powerhead

    Looking for thoughts on an auto oiler for a HUSKY 3120K or other chop saw power heads to be utilized on an alaskan mill. Thinking of utilizing one or more auto oilers from STIHL 009, 011 series of saws. They utilize the crankcase vacuum pulse to operate a diaphram oil pump. Any other thoughts...
  9. Bedford T

    029 Higher Output Oil Pump

    Is there a higher output oil pump for the 029, or a oil pump from another series saw that would work. I thought about calling Stihl and think experience with all the models from here might be more helpful. I have never been satisfied with the output, it seems to work fine as is, so I do not...
  10. amarlow

    028 AV Super WoodBoss eq - oiler problem, service manual??

    Hello folks, This is my first post, and it turns out it's a long one. I've been a member here for a while, but just lurking, reading, learning. Now I find I am in need of help... and HOPEFULLY a couple of service manuals. I was looking for the infamous "beg for manuals" thread with the...
  11. rumrun999

    New 661 oil not reaching bar

    Hello all, After the past 5 years of cutting 40 face of wood for my parents and myself, mom and dad decided they had enough of seeing me use the old 920 turbo. As a gift, they bought me a new 661 this weekend. Wow, ok, there was a tear or two or ALOT, what a gift!! Question. I am not...
  12. E

    Jonsered 625 II oil pump cover problem

    Picked up a decent 625 for cheap, and the oiler wasn't working so good, took the clutch off and oiler, cleaned it all, trying to figure out the design with the only adjustment being that you take a screwdriver and turn the tab, but it goes in entire circle, so you cannot tell what number it's...
  13. RickH163

    Stihl MS181 Oiler

    Hi, does anyone know how to adjust the oiler on a MS181CBE? I have about 5 tanks of gas on the saw (brand new) and it seems to only use about half of the available bar oil per tank of gas...Shouldn't the use of the oil be closer to 1:1 ratio? Thanks for any help! Rick
  14. calebng15

    SOLD!!!! or Trade. Husqvarna 2100 parts and a couple bars

    Okay, so I have a few 2100 parts that I need to get rid of. I've sold all that everybody really wants, so I'll post the pics., then you make me offer. I believe the crankcase has a few stripped threads, so if you make an offer on the other stuff, and just add shipping on the crankcase. The...