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  1. G

    Ms291 scored piston!

    Hello I purchased a Stihl ms291 last August and saw is acting up this spring. After doing a little reading, I decided to take a look at the piston through the muffler port. There appears to be scoring and rings seem very tight.(pictures attachted) Just wondering my path forward? I’m planning...
  2. F

    Stihl sharpening gadgets worth getting?

    Hi, I had bought an electric sharpener at first and then realised that I needed to change the disk as it was too small for my chains (I didn't know about chain characteristics at first), so I stopped using it and just got a some files and holders to do them by hand which I have some success...
  3. V

    Upgrading my MS170

    I worked through a few upgrades on my MS170 and made a video on how I did it.
  4. F

    Want to buy Stihl lighting parts

    Wanted to buy a bar, fan wheel, throttle lever, fuel line and filter for a Stihl lighting if anyone has anything or knows where I can get parts in the us thank
  5. F

    Want to buy Stihl lighting 1106

    Wanted to buy a bar, fan wheel, throttle lever, fuel line and filter for a Stihl lighting if anyone has anything or knows where I can get parts in the us
  6. C

    Ms 460

    Hey guys! First post here as a new member I know probably everything I’m going to ask on, has been talked about a million times... I have had this saw for around 6 years and has done everything I have needed it to do but little things get to me.. the saw liked to almost lean out when not putting...
  7. Ashland23

    Ms361 porting

    Hey everyone! First time chiming in here. I love the forums by the way! So I’m planning on doing a port job on my ms361. Just wondering if anyone has some good numbers to start with or any ideas to go off? Not planning on anything super crazy. Maybe just a good woods port or just a tad more than...
  8. big hank

    Want to buy 50" - 60" Large Mount Stihl Bar

    Looking for a bar for my 084. Figured I'd ask here before I bit the bullet and bought new. Willing to pay the right price for a nice used bar Thanks, Hank
  9. M

    SOLD!!!! Want To Buy Milling Saw

    Looking to start chainsaw milling. This will be a hobby, nothing serious. I am experienced with a chainsaw, but I have never used/needed anything big. Based on my research I’m looking for a Husqvarna 394/395xp, Stihl 660 Magnum, or any other 90+ CC saws. New is out of the budget so let me know...
  10. S

    Want to Sell Like new Stihl 25" large mount .404 .063 bar and chain

    I have a 25" large mount (3002) bar and chain in like new condition. I purchased this thinking it would fit my MS660 and apparently I was wrong... I do have an 880 that I could put it on but I already have a 47" and 30" bar for the 880 and don't really need another smaller bar for this saw. The...
  11. S

    Want to Sell Stihl 075 Recoil starter/fuel tank

    This is my first post on Arborists it's so hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. I have a recoil starter/fuel tank for a Stihl 056, at least that's what I was told. I got this a part of a package deal on a bar and chain. I'm curious if anybody is looking for this particular piece? Not...
  12. MAngelotti1

    Want to buy 024 tank/handle

    Looking for a useable 024 tank/handle assembly.
  13. J

    Porting and modding older saws

    Hello all, new to posting but have been on this site quite a while getting a lot of good info. I picked up a Husky 36 for cheap from original owner and it's in decent shape. I know the limitations of a smaller saw and not Swedish made,etc. but it runs strong and I would like to know the details...
  14. C

    Chainsaw Smoke

    Hi, I'm sure a few of you have seen my dreaded MS211 project on here over the past few weeks. I've managed to get the saw running finally, if not a little lumpy. There's a definite issue with the choke which I'm fairly sure cannot be fixed at this point due to damage of the chainsaw's frame. My...
  15. D

    Want to buy Stihl 026 Value?

    There’s a stihl 026 on facebook market place near me I’m interested in buying according to the guy he put in a new piston and rings not too long ago and it’s fully functional and ready to cut but it looks like it’s been beat on for its whole life guy wants $150. I was thinking of offering $100...
  16. C

    Stihl MS211 Bog

    Hi, as you may have seen on other threads I've posted today, I've bought a MS211 as a non starter for next to nothing. Managed to win the first battle and got life into it after some tinkering. Next issue is the ungodly bogging I'm getting. Anything over 10% throttle and it sounds horrible...
  17. C

    MS211 Fuel Issue

    Hi, I've got a stihl MS21, hasn't started from the day I've owned it. Tried pulling it and an ungodly amount of fuel has pi***d everywhere, the exhaust is full, it's coming out of the carb and dripping down the handle. Something catastrophic is wrong, but what?
  18. Big-Cigar

    Ms 251 vs ms261

    I do medium wood cutting. Felling and bucking. I use stihl ms 261 as my main saw. Just got rid of my ms 170 which was my limbing saw. Debating whether to get the 251 for limbing if just get another 261.
  19. walterramjet

    too many screws

    I tore my Stihl 031AV apart to clean it up and stick a new carburetor, sprocket, and ignition chip in there. That all seemed to go well until it was near fully assembled and I realized I was going to have an extra screw left over. DOH! I tore it apart again and couldn't figure out where this...
  20. ozziechainsaw

    Stihl Chainsaw Models

    Hi Everyone, I have this fetish and it is collecting old Stihl Chainsaws. It's only a relativity new fetish but the "STIHL" bug has bitten me hard. I just cannot get enough of reading about, looking at or working on old Stihl Chainsaws. My very first question to this very impressive forum is...