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  1. dwain

    026 question & hello from Aus!

    HELLO/INTRO: Hello there! I'm a newbie to the site and a little green with chainsaws too. BUT I'm making up for lost time, as I've seriously caught the chainsaw bug. As I review tools over here, I already have a couple of small ones I didn't have to buy (Echo 352 and Dewalt 60V max). But I'm...
  2. BrianCT

    Want to buy 201t

    Hello, looking for a 201t ported if anyone on here does this and is looking to sell. Thanks
  3. A

    powerhead advice for Alaskan MKIV mill

    Looking at getting a MKIV mill for small milling projects using mostly green white spruce under 30" in diameter and maybe some green paper birch under 24" diameter. Biggest saw I own is a Stihl 271 which is only 50cc and probably not cut out for the job. Looking for some advice on what Stihls...
  4. F

    026 Find - With a cool history!

    Hey everyone! Just thought I would share what I discovered after buying a nice used 026. In the last picture, for any of you boaters out there, maybe even some non-boaters from Michigan, Charlie Winn was a founder of Four Winns boats. I put it together after starring at it and thinking about...
  5. P

    Stihl help need PDFs

    does anyone have a PDF of the illustrative parts list and workshop manual for the MS 462-CM and MS 194T?
  6. JaredR

    Stihl 261s Scoring the Cylinder

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and looking for some answers. We recently started building handcrafted log homes so I went to the local Stihl dealer and bought a 261 C-M for our notching and small saw work. After using it a few days (less than 10 hours on the saw) it wasn't starting and obviously...
  7. M

    MS461 carb adjustment: RPM too high on full throtle

    I’m trying to adjust the carburetor on my MS461 and I have 2 problems: 1- I cannot lower the RPM on full throttle below 13800. 2- when the saw is idling (2800-2900rpm), the chain run a little bit (it moves a inch every 1-2 seconds). Is that normal? Thanks
  8. kris1804

    Stihl 015L replacements

    Hi there I recently bought an old Stihl 015L and I have been taking it apart and ordering spare parts that I could find etc. and I have of course noticed how expensive it is to buy a new 3/8 sprocket. The spur gear i have found this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:518513 and will try a 3D...
  9. AgTech4020

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 201T C-M with less the 2 hrs use

    This saw has less then two hours of use. I had my dealer scan it last week to verify the usage and make sure it had the latest firmware. (See picture) I bought it at a time when I thought I needed a saw that could be operated with one hand (due to a shoulder injury). It turns out this light...
  10. Tswarner67

    Want to buy Stihl 038av VS 036 Pro or new??

    Alright guys I’m new here but already tell a lot of you have a saw addiction and I am quickly catching that bug. I heat my house And barn with a wood burner So I split and cut a ton year round. I want to get MY first saw, I’ve been using grandpas old mcculloch for years and am ready to by my...
  11. N

    Tuning a new husky help!

    Hey fellas, I opened up my new 445e muffler a little bit (drilled Two 1/4 inch holes and removed spark arrestor) I have the tool to adjust the carb. I believe I have it four stroking and it cleans up well in the cut. After a few hard hours the plug looks pretty lean, if I back the H screw out...
  12. F-M tree

    Want to Sell 026/260 parts

    Trying to free up some garage space so I’m trying to offload my 026 stuff.. would like to sell all as a whole but can do individual... $650 takes the whole thing (whole chainsaws not included)... price is negotiable can ship from ND at cost. 13 carbs plus other pieces, 3 recoils, 16...
  13. I

    Want to buy Stihl 041AV air filter base/choke lever/choke rod

    Hello, I am new to this site and was referred here by a buddy. I have a love for saws and work on them frequently. My grandfather owned a logging company in Michigan and I worked with him as a young man. Anyways, I am working on a Stihl 041AV Super Electronic. A friend was gifted it from his dad...
  14. PlinkerMan

    ISO Stihl BR 550 Crankshaft

    Anybody have a working Stihl BR 550 Craftshaft part no: 4282 030 0404 ?? My bearings are shot. Actually, only need the bearings but the whole unit is one part. I believe the crankshaft for my unit is same part as BR500, BR550, BR600, & BR700. Willing to buy or trade chainsaw parts for your...
  15. G

    Ms291 scored piston!

    Hello I purchased a Stihl ms291 last August and saw is acting up this spring. After doing a little reading, I decided to take a look at the piston through the muffler port. There appears to be scoring and rings seem very tight.(pictures attachted) Just wondering my path forward? I’m planning...
  16. F

    Stihl sharpening gadgets worth getting?

    Hi, I had bought an electric sharpener at first and then realised that I needed to change the disk as it was too small for my chains (I didn't know about chain characteristics at first), so I stopped using it and just got a some files and holders to do them by hand which I have some success...
  17. V

    Upgrading my MS170

    I worked through a few upgrades on my MS170 and made a video on how I did it.
  18. F

    Want to buy Stihl lighting parts

    Wanted to buy a bar, fan wheel, throttle lever, fuel line and filter for a Stihl lighting if anyone has anything or knows where I can get parts in the us thank
  19. F

    Want to buy Stihl lighting 1106

    Wanted to buy a bar, fan wheel, throttle lever, fuel line and filter for a Stihl lighting if anyone has anything or knows where I can get parts in the us
  20. Cobus

    Ms 460

    Hey guys! First post here as a new member I know probably everything I’m going to ask on, has been talked about a million times... I have had this saw for around 6 years and has done everything I have needed it to do but little things get to me.. the saw liked to almost lean out when not putting...