1. S

    How much wood and weight?

    How much weight do you think this green wood is? Not sure of the species so dont give me crap for it. I have a outdoor boiler and all my wood is free free free. Plus is it close to a cord for you math guys?
  2. Jan-Sietze

    Show your Wood Stove

    Simply take a photo and show us your wood stove: This is our Attika Gabo, these wood stoves are made in Switzerland 7-9 kW
  3. Jester3775

    Woodsman 730 Manuals ?

    Hi Guys, just upgraded from an old Vermeer 935 (Perkins engine) to a used Woodsman 730. Wow, I never ran a drum chipper before and I am super impressed ! My question to you all is if anyone has Owners, Parts or Repair manuals they would be willing to sell or share ? I was not able to get...
  4. G

    what kind of wood is this its heavy

    what kind of wood is this its heavy
  5. G

    oak wood for grilling /smoking

    I got a bought 7 banna boxes of oak scrap wood fall offs from furinture manufacture nice pcs of oak cuttoff boards nice clean wood no bark i burned tons of the wood when i went camping burns real good it klm dryed only have a bought 7 boxes i can get no more when its gone it gone for ever...
  6. G

    what kind of wood is this?

    what kind of wood is this ?
  7. G

    im looking for free oak pallets untreated rail road ties

    im looking for free oak pallets and untreated oak maple rail road ties to be used for firewood near lebanon,pa area
  8. Bailey's Inc.

    Chop Firewood the Smart Way and Save $20!

    Work Smarter, Not Harder! The Smart-Splitter Log Splitter & Smart-Holder Firewood Holder are now both $20 Off!
  9. Rydell58

    Wood to mill cutting boards in SouthWest Montana

    Hey all! So I'm looking to do a little project with my Granberg Mini Mill making some cutting boards for family and friends. I know there isn't a lot of hardwood in Montana, but is there any that would be suitable for a cutting board? Going to leave the cutting boards with roughy ( natural )...
  10. I

    how to drop large sections of trunk ?

    I am removing a large Douglass Fir. its about 8ft away from the house. I have removed the branches and the top. I now have to deal with big wood. what is now left is a 40ft tall trunk 2 1/2ft diameter at the top, closer to 4ft at bottom. I used a DK slider to drop 16inch rounds into the...