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    I know this isnt' the right forum, but thought this would get a better discussion here.

    I was at Menards the other day and saw a Dirty Hand Tools 16" counter rotating roto tiller. It was about $50 more than the Earthquake next to it, but seemed pretty well built. Since the DHT splitters seem to be pretty popular and well built I think I may watch the closeouts this fall on these. Anyone used one?

    I have used my brothers 36" tow behind in the spring. This year I built a broadfork and turned it all by hand which worked surprisingly well and loosened the soil deep. I would like a smaller walk behind for when I am in too much a hurry to broadfork and to loosen up the clumps left by the broadfork and for some week control. I have a 2 stroke cultivator that is pretty worthless unless in very tight areas.

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