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Dec 30, 2011
Hudson Valley
As per the saw from the Pawn Shop:

1: You could have called them

2: Pawn shops deal with a rough crowd and they are not into getting forged or fake crap. They pride themselves on selling stuff that is what it is supposed to be. I've dealt with tons of pawn shops over the years and the concern with them is stolen not counterfeit. Too many 'experts' looking for a deal in pawnshops and selling counterfeit crap is not their style. They melt down the stolen jewelry and sell the stones btw. That is common.

If the saw was stolen, Ebay is always checked as is CL and the owner would have just gotten it back. The pawnshop is shtt outta luck. Once again, rules not set in stone but that has been my experience.


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Dec 4, 2011
Does anyone have a 2003 365 that they can compare their serial number plate to with this one. Logger has a newer saw that looks different from this one so I'm trying to compare and see if it looks similar.


New Member
Jan 29, 2020
Essex England
hello all,

first off i would like to introduce myself here,i am from republic of ireland munster region
and we get some very cold winters :laugh: i am a builder been in the family buisness all my life,but the global recession
put a damper on that line of work it has all but stopped,so i have a second buisness and that is solid fuel supply,i sell firewood and coal and it is a booming thriving buisness for me thank god.

anyway,i started in to the firewood game around 4 years ago,didn't know much about saws until up till recently
to be honest.

here is a little history about my firewood,i started off with a tiny oleomac saw 280 i think,it was good but i quickly learned
i needed something bigger,i was mainly at this time cutting forest spruce which i buy from local forestry companies.

this is as you know a soft wood,then i bought a second saw,it was maybe 14 years old when i got it,paid 400euros
for it,but it was like new a husqvarna 61,it is a powerfull chainsaw,i loved it,but a year ago it stopped oiling the
chain so i got sick of it,couldn't get parts at the time fast enough so i laid down 850euros for a brand new husqvarns 365sp
wow,this is one hell of a great saw,bought it from a genuine husqvarna shop,as i almost got burnt with a china copy
before i got this one. very pleased with this saw,it has maybe 80tonnes of wood cut now and still as new.

(just two days ago i finished my old 61 and gave it to my father,put a new oil pump and worm gear on it)
it's now perfect again.

i now cut ash and sell it,along with the spruce,i maintain the saw myself along with file sharpening the chain
i use the husqvarna low smoke oil @ a ratio of 100mill to 5 liters.i use a 24" bar with chizzel 3/8th chain

oregon bar,the saw is just brilliant,i bought an air compressor also to maintain it,i greese up the bar tip before
any days cutting as this would be a long day,also greesing the roller bearing and cleaning out the lot with compressed air.

IMO it is very important to clean out the bar and saw on a regular basis,along with keeping the chain
razor sharp. i use all the gear (unless it's too hot then the pance is not worn) i use the husky trousers
and helmet & gloves.

so what's you're opinions on this saw??

i presume the engine is maintainence free for years?

let me know what you think.

This is a very belated reply but i bought one of these brand new in 2004, still use it today (2020) and never even changed the piston, i am an engineer so i look after my machines but nothing over the top. It is very powerful, cuts big logs with ease, i use an electric sharpener now as i got fed up with the files which speeds things up considerably, i have cut down trees, firewood, stumps and all sorts over the years, it has been a perfect saw.