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goncalo alves

goncalo alves

ArboristSite Lurker
Sep 17, 2009
Yep, Dave is a Very Reputable seller.

I bought my 3120XP from him, and have been Very Happy with it

Note, Ignore the owners manual about using Choke AND Throttle Lock for Cold starts.

Choke ON, Throttle Lock OFF

about 3 pulls, she will snort,

Choke OFF

2-3 pulls she will wake the county

Try the above first, your saw may like something different, I just about had a coronary trying to start that Beast using the Choke and Throttle lock, which is what my "Old Reliable" 266XP LIKES, but not the 3120XP. Even with the decomp valve pulling on that thing very many times will flat wear you out

Doug :cheers:
For any new 3120 xp owners, please read the above. I forgot in the interim because I didn't get to milling as fast as I had hoped. Had to clear out deadwood for my grandpa, life, etc. etc. Pulled out the manual this past Saturday and put the choke and throttle lock on, I was redfaced. Turned throttle lock off and she gave the snort. Turned the choke off and she was growling.

I'm not a big man, I did not appreciate how big these saws are. We got on of our other chainsaws stuck in the woods so I pulled out the 3120 to do some "limbing", won't do that again. She's a milling saw 95% of the time.
Husky Man

Husky Man

Addicted to ArboristSite
Sep 28, 2017
Mt Hood, Oregon
Yep, she’s a LOT of saw;) used it for awhile for larger firewood when the 266XP was my next biggest saw, lot of Fun bucking 34” Douglas Fir into firewood rounds, but it was on the ground, so I would cut 7/8 through with the 3120, then roll the log and finish with an up cut. Didn’t take many up cuts to put the 3120 down and pick up the 266 to finish the cuts

Now, I also have a 390XP and a 395XP, so the 3120 is almost exclusively used for milling now, but it is an Impressive saw, and well suited to milling, I have no regrets buying it, or buying it from Dave, I would Highly Recommend both the Saw and the Seller, they have both treated me well

Once you figure out just what your saw likes, it isn’t a bad starting saw, ya just gotta figure out how make her Smile and Giggle

Doug :cheers: