Who else burns pellets and wood combo?

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    I finished cleaning my pellet stove yesterday and you couldn't get someone to clean it better I'd say.
    Takes about two solid hours to take it apart and clean the burn chamber, piping and all fans and put it back together. I got 170 bags of softwood pellets so I'm good to go for the season now.
    We had a guy come clean our Enviro Evolution stove one year and he did a pretty crappy job. Didn't even clean the glass door. (But the wife hired him when I was at work and he came by on a Saturday when we were both home).
    It was awful to have to tell the guy to please take out the heat shields in the burn chamber to clean behind them. He had no idea what he was doing really.
    So during his visit I asked him if he's ever cleaned this make and model and he said no. I even printed out the exploded view for him to help with disassembly and reassembly (which he never even looked at).......Never again will someone touch my stove and it saves us $180 each year too.

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