echo 620

  1. Paul Silvestri

    Echo 620P Muffler mod

    Anyone have good details or instructions on how to remove the tube/deflector in the 620 muffler? would like to open it up some and that looks like a good place to start. What tools and methods worked best or well when doing do?
  2. Paul Silvestri

    562xp vs 620p

    Does anyone have any extensive handling of both these saws and if so tell me your thoughts on each and why you may like one over another or pros vs cons. I know the weight between them is different for sure. My apologies if this has been covered before but I couldn't find much on them being...
  3. kiteboarder

    Breaking In a New Echo CS-620PW Chain Saw

    I just bought a new Echo CS-620PW. My old Craftsman saw is about 30 years old and it still runs fine. Just needed a bigger saw. I bought it at a dealer and before leaving he added some fuel and oil and started it just as a demo. Im interested in hearing your thoughts about breaking in a new...
  4. ADoc

    Largest Bar That Will Fit Echo cs 620P?

    Hey guys! I'm a new member. I have a question that I haven't been able to find an answer to on the site. I've seen several folks say a 620P really shouldn't run regularly with more than a 24 inch bar and I know that a 27 inch bar will fit it but I'm wondering if there is any reason a 30 or 32...
  5. G

    Echo 620 or Makita 7300

    Hi everyone If you were to buy a saw in the 60 range, would you go for the Echo 620, or for a slight increase in weight would you opt for the 7300. To fill the gap between my 50 cc saws and the 7900. I realise the Echo is heavy for its cc 's, but it does seem to have torque that keeps it...
  6. CoreyB

    Wow just pulled the tiger on one amazing saw. Dolmar 6100

    Yep a deal I could not pass up. I really blame you guys. Lol that is what I will tell my wife. Went out with her and cut a couple cord of some large solid red oak. And this thing is awesome. Great power and speed. And smoth as silk. I can't wait till she is broken in. I will post some photos...