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Mar 7, 2019
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Frederick Co
Starting to feel like a tree terrorist in my yard with my beast of a mower, getting used to it, really don't want to be. Hit this one passing between two trees heading another part of the property, was getting dark, misjudged the space. Looks like a Sugar Maple (edit: Norway Maple), otherwise very healthy tree. Injury is about 2x3 in, cleaned up the edges (bark traced) from smashed separated bark, put some orange oil/beeswax to protect from pests, keep it from drying out. Very little damage to heart wood.

Wondering what's the assessment, are Sugar Maples good healers, what would be timeline guess for this callusing over?
Any other interventions? I've heard about pealing bark from a young branch and applying it as a graft? good idea or unnecessary?

Appreciate all feedback!


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Thanks, that's what I figured. Understanding now that this is a Norway Maple, from what I understand these are fairly quick growers compared to other maples and quicker at healing?
Also somewhat invasive and not a strong - not so concerned about this because of where it is. It's the only specimen I've seen on the property or around it so I think it was planted by previous owners - its about a 10-12in diameter trunk 30ft high so maybe 20+ years old?