How would you measure this for cord increments?

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Aug 13, 2013
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This is how our wood is stacked. I'm not in the business of selling or anything. We've had oak trees die off so occasionally I will get ahead with our own supply. So, looking to sell a few cords. The wood is stacked pretty darn tight. I have found online wood cord calculators. Would you advise using that but just scaling it back a little since it's stacked so tight? There isn't room for a cat or anything to go in between the 2 rows of wood either.

Reason I ask is I sold some a few years ago and the guy actually stopped me and said I think I have over a cord, I'm good. He knew what a cord looked like in his trailer and stopped me. So, not looking to get every last dollar, but times are tough so want to get a fair price.

Thanks. Would you measure and sell this just the way it is? My thoughts were that it is stacked tighter than usual.
You have not provided a picture that would indicate how uniform the length of the pieces are. Doesn't most firewood for one cord come delivered in something like a dual wheel F350 dump? I would think any extra tightness and calling a cord less than 128 cubic feet stacked would be problematic. When I started burning wood years ago and likely you can still take books out of the library calling a cord 4x4x8 in four foot long pieces (We expected it to shrink after processing) but now there are consumer protection definitions that differ from that.
Measure the height and length of the rows and length of the pieces of wood in inches. Multiple all 3 together and divide by 1728. This will give you cubic feet. Divide the total cubic feet by 128 to get number of cords. Simple math for area of a box.

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