NOS 10AL Chain - What's it worth?

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Oct 19, 2008
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Santa Cruz Mountains, CA
I have a friend that has a 25' spool of NOS 10AL chain. He's trying to get an idea of what it's worth. He also has the following repair links:

31C2 and 31C3 (2)
69C (3)
52AC3 (2)
69 (1)
9AC 9AL (2)
10AC 20AL (1)
58AC (2)
62AC2 62AX3 62AC4 (2)
5AC 5AL (1)
32C2 32C3 (1)
51C3 (1)
5AC 5AL (2)
32C2 32C3 (1)
52AC (1)
61AC2 61AC3 61AC4 (1)
68C (2)


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You have asked this question several times and my answer is the same.

Price is determined by supply and demand. If what he has is Oregon 10AL, that's 1/2 x .063 chisel chain, and is quite rare today, and desirable to collectors and racers. To be honest, it greatly depends on how he wants to sell it. Ebay will bring max dollar but there are fees for selling. Im guessing well north of 300.00 on a 25 foot roll. And I would be interested in a roll.
I learned I asked this question once before in 2018 after going through my started threads. I'll explain what is happening.

My friend has had a saw shop since 1986. He had several rolls of 1/2" chain in 2018 he told me he wanted to sell. I posted here, generated interest and when it came time to sell he got cold feet.

Now I'm asking the same question about the same chain. This begs the question "What's stopping him from backing out when it comes time to sell?". He's retiring and closing out his shop. Everything is going. While I was working my day job last week I found out he filled 4 dumpsters with parts. I cringe when I think about all that went in those bins.

Sadly he lost three or four rolls of 1/2" chain that was in storage in the mountains during the 2020 CZU Lightning Complex fire. He has one roll left and a long list of repair links that he wants to sell. I'm trying to get an idea of value to help a buddy out.

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