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Jun 8, 2022
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pretty dirty but I like to clean old saws. good compression, very bright spark on my tester, and its sure getting fuel. in fact, the spark plug gets soaked, and fuel runs out of the muffler in just a few pulls. piston and cylinder walls look good thru the tiny little exhaust port. what would cause it to draw so much fuel? or maybe it's a bad plug. I would think the PO would have tried a new plug before selling this for peanuts. the plug is used but looks good. it's a champion CJ6.
Perhaps it was already flooded with fuel before you got it. I would dump the fuel and pull it a bunch and see if fuel still is coming out. Just brainstorming
024's have a choke internally in the air filter. With age they get where they don't work right. Might take the air filter apart and clean it, especially around the choke butterfly. Also, it has a spring for the butter fly, that may be broken.
looks like a newish filter, the choke lever closed the choke tight and in the center of the circle, the switch linkage has the choke lever pushed all the way when on choke. to leave no stone unturned though I will split the filter and take a look.
PXL_20221116_164016722 (2).jpg
among other things, I want to decarb the exhaust port. can this be done without pulling the cylinder or is that risking getting chunks inside?
I would pull the muffler to get a better look at the piston anyways, and while it’s off it as well clean the carbon off it as well.

Ps. Love flats fishing.
did a vac and pressure test. has been holding 8 psi for the last hour. carb passed pressure test also and I took it apart, don't see any issues. diaphragms are soft and the inlet needle is working fine.
assume you meant pull the cylinder. flats fishing is def a blast. here's my 22-year-old skiff.
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I was saying pull the muffler and take a look through the exhaust port of cylinder to see piston skirt condition but pictures hadn’t loaded of the saw completely tore down. Haha

Great looking skiff! I’ve always enjoyed flats fishing, anytime I have gone out. Only been to Louisiana and Mexico. Cheers!
strangely, the intake side is scratched up on the left side. I get carbon scoring but how does this happen on the intake side?
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This is caused by fines getting past the air filter. Better check the piston cylinder clearance as the intake skirt may be excessively worn and could possibly break.

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