Ported Husqvarna 50 Rancher

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Jan 16, 2015
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Ontario, Canada
Been a while since I’ve posted on here, I’ve been getting into porting saws lately and just finished a silver tag open port 50 Rancher

Does anyone have some advice on changes I could make to have it run faster if I did another one? I know it could use a bigger carb and a little transfer work but I don’t have a 90 degree hand piece yet.

Wasn’t sure what numbers to run and ended up going a little too far on the exhaust I think, it was supposed to be a quick cookie cutter and limbing saw build

Final numbers are 88 exhaust (widened to 70%), 118 transfers and 80 intake

No base gasket and no changes to the transfers, didn’t blend or polish anything, just wanted to see how it ran.

Unfortunately when I did the stock cut test it was +3c out for about a week and the wood wasn’t too frozen, the rest of my test cuts where from -5c to -10c so I only compared intake changes I made

With the intake at 72 I did 3 test cuts that averaged 8.2 seconds

I changed it to 80 and averaged 7.56 seconds over 3 cuts

It’s running an 18” .325 Oregon m72 chain with 7 pin sprocket

For fun I ran it against my 460 rancher which is the closest saw in cc that I have

The 460 is running a 16” 3/8 stihl rs chain and 7 pin sprocket too I believe it averaged 7.9 seconds over 3 cuts

Here’s the video of the saws

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