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Sep 9, 2011
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Northern WI
Hi guys, got an easy question for the Stihl whizzes. According to chainsaw collectors site, the 015L runs a 25:1 mix where the other 015 models run 50:1 Whats up with that ??
I run 40:1 VP synthetic and I'm pretty sure that'll be fine. What's your thoughts ?
I have a carb kit coming for this and was wondering what the rough adjustment for the high and low jets? Zama's usually are 1 for low and 1-1/2 on High as starting point. This has Walbro HDC-17
When I removed them the low was 1/4 and the high was 3/4. That cant be right. It ran when I got it but not very well.
On the older saws like the 015 we most often started at 1 and 1 and tuned from there til we hit all the sweet spots, fast/snappy acceleration from idle to WOT and the 2 stroking when not in the cut,fast cleanup when loaded in the cut.