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Apr 10, 2008
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Victoria, Australia
G'day, I know there was a lot of different attachments available for the 08S Stihl chainsaws, such as Post hole digger and brush cutter, wondering if anyone has a full list of the available attachments and maybe some photos? Also does anyone know where I might be able to pick some of them up in Victoria?
Well theirs the cut off saw attachment that could be added with the right air filter. I have seen ice augers with 08s family engines Stihl sold both 1 man and 2 man augers.There’s a drill attachment(maple syrup taping and post and beam construction).
Theirs a company in South America that makes a out board kit that lists the 08s as on of the saws.

The 08s was the original kombi tool other attachments are really hard to find now a days.