Stihl 201tc start up and idle issues

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Tim Gordon

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Feb 22, 2020
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Cornwall area
first off happy new year to everyone
I’m working on a 201tc with start up and idle issues
I believe they may relate to each other
1) if you put it in choke mode (cold start mode) it will start with the fast pace surging that mtronics do in choke mode, but only for around 5 seconds, then it seems to load up, slow down and eventually stall and I have NOT touched the throttle at this point either
2)once it does get running, it’ll rev up fine, cut what needs to be cut, comes back to idle but it will eventually load up and stall out again
It will restart but act as if it’s flooded and needs to be cleared out
I’ve read that the fuel solenoid will internally leak which can cause over fuelling and is a common periodic service item
Just wondering if anyone has seen or had this issue before and can sort of send me on the right path
M-tronic or Autotune aren't voodoo to me I just want to troubleshoot it the proper way to not waste time or money
Thanks for now
Thanx for the response guys!
I actually thought of this after but I yanked the solenoid from my 462 and threw it in there and it ran like it supposed to
So that there hit the nail in the head!
So I’ll stop by the dealer today and pick up a solenoid service kit!