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  1. Aaron Rybicki

    Why do you choose McCulloch?

    What draws people to McCulloch saws? I've ran Homelite, Poulan, Stihl, Lombard (Knock Off), etc, and so on, but nothing matches the experience that McCulloch gives. For me, especially, it's the 10-10 series. With the double louvered muffler.... It is louder than all hell. I love it. I can...
  2. Aaron Rybicki

    Any Saw Collectors up Michigan way?

    Just wondering if there are any chainsaw collectors around my neck of the woods. I'm up in Manistee County, MI. I'm starting a collection myself. Mostly 70s Macs. I can't be the only one around here with the Yellow Fever. But if you collect any type and live nearby, gimmie a shout.
  3. Aaron Rybicki

    Want to buy Bigger CC McCulloch Saws

    Looking to get my hands on any of the following saws if anyone has one to sell. Doesn't have to be pretty, just mechanically sound. - Super Pro 81 - 7-10A - Pro Mac 850 - SP125 Thanks, Aaron
  4. Kensie1988

    SOLD!!!! Mac 10-10

    I would like to get rid of this clean Mac 10-10. It does run but had no low end while cutting, if you look in through the i take side it shows scoring on the exhaust side. I just want to be rid of it. I was hoping to get $60 plus shipping, there are still a lot of good parts there including the...
  5. S

    McCulloch 35 chainsaw

    So, I have been reading this website for years, as I have quite a decent collection of antique / obsolete chainsaws. Mostly Homelite, but two days ago, I picked up an old McCulloch 35 at a yard sale just because it was old and weird. Anyhow, these saws were made between 1957 and 1959. 55cc...
  6. J

    Mac pm 605

    I have found a pm 605, that runs and the guy wants a hundred bucks for it. Has a 20 inch bar. Too much or a good deal. Its new enough that it has a chain brake.. Let me know what you think fellas.
  7. S

    Mcculloch Mini Mac Model??

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone can tell me what model this Mini Mac is?? There are no numbers anywhere on it, Im stumped. Thanks in advanced.
  8. RoverRebellion

    Want to Sell McCulloch Pro Mac 510 (Parts or Repair) $45+Ride2you

    $45 OBO + actual shipping. I have a Pro Mac 510 I found when I moved. I am unable to reach previous owners. I do collect Pioneer and McCulloch saws but I dont have any room in my fleet for this one. Saw is EXTREMELY clean. Manual oiler works great. I cannot find wood pulp anywhere! It does...
  9. thefarmboy21

    Mcculloch 35A help. Any Mac experts?

    Monday I drug out my Grandpas old Mac 35A. I didn't know it even existed really. It's not been ran in close to 40 years I'd say. I can hardly find any info on these style Macs, other than old adds, fuel ratio arguments and I did find the exploded parts view of a model 33. Here is what I need to...
  10. Team FAST

    SOLD!!!! McCulloch Mac 120 Chainsaw

    Vintage McCulloch Mac 120 Chainsaw. Top handle saw In good running condition. I just gave it a tune up. Fires up and runs like a banshee. This thing is a little pop rocket. Everything works. The muffler guard is broken - a common issue. You can find replacements on Ebay. Doesn't affect the...
  11. rageej

    I found a McCulloch SP 125 IPL

    Came across this today, maybe someone needs a copy.
  12. M

    ahhhhhh what is it?

    Hey guys no one like mccullochs around here? Post about my stihl get a hundred replies post about my 10-10 and I sit here lonely =[=[=[=[=[ do you guys really just hate these saws that much????
  13. M

    Mac 10-10 automatic no power

    so I got this mcculloch 10-10 after cleaning it some it seemed to be running great. so figured it was time to put it in a log and see how it cuts. well it bogs down a quite a bit. it seems like it's not even grabbing the wood but will very slowly make it through a cut it never stalls out it...