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MS200t bogging/stalling on startup



Tree Freak
Dec 9, 2010
northern calif., around auburn
I think I wound up with about a turn and a quarter out on each screw. I started with each one one turn open from closed, then got it started and warmed up. Turned the idle control screw till it was just starting to move the chain, set the brake, found the fastest idle on the L screw, then added another 1/4 turn richer. That had the saw snapping up pretty quick. Then I released the chain brake, and ran it full blast and adjusted the H screw till I found what sounded like the fastest rpm, then richened it up 1/4 turn. It burbled a little at that with no load. I think all in all , each screw was opened about a turn and a quarter. Then I backed out the idle screw till the chain was no longer trying to move.

I wasn't too concerned about tuning it just right as it was -20C outside, and I had no intention of cutting anything. More just making sure the carb worked.
If it tunes and holds it, with no lag in acceleration, you probably have the problem solved, like Wolf said, I’ve never tried to run one at that extreme of a temp!