True cost of heating with wood (joke)

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    I have $6-7000 in my wood truck, splitter, saws and other wood cutting stuff. I dont really keep up with how much I spend on any of my hobbies and my wife never says a word about it. She pays the power bill, so that may be why lol. Especially when the women she works with are paying hundreds a month and have to be conservative with the thermostat.
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    I thought it was funny because it is sort of true.

    I'm on my second furnace in 6 years and have 6 chainsaws and all the stuff to go along with it. In the last house all I did was pay a gas bill. The divorce part is funny too. Instead of spending time with the family I'm stuck cutting wood or checking on the furnace. But the wood is free lol.
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    I've bought multiple cord loads out to many people that don't even have a stove or fireplace, just burn wood in a firepit at home or when camping.

    Even if having to buy firewood, it's cheaper than many other ways to heat a home.

    A cord of wood is equal to around 170 gallons of fuel oil. I got my tank filled a few weeks ago, it was $2.78, and that was with buying 500 gallons and paying cash. 100 gals with a check or card was closer to $3/gal.

    Even $2/gallon fuel oil would equal to a cord of wood at $340. $3 gallon fuel is closer to a $500/cord.

    Grew up heating with wood, when I bought my own house I decided to put in a wood stove, I wanted a backup heat source in case SHTF. Not even crazy something like a zombie attack (haha), but just a few days of no power and it's -20* outside type stuff.

    Now that I do it for a living, I more or less heat the house for free. Dropping off ~3 cords a year at the house is nearly "couch change" when I do several hundred cords a year. Did about 350 cords last year.

    If I desired to, I could easily heat my place with just scraps, but I'd rather not deal with that much mess at home. We do burn plenty of that in the shop stove though.

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