064 Rebuild - Flywheel and Coil mismatch?

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Nov 15, 2023
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Hi All,

thanks for taking the time to read over (possibly) the 18,000th thread regarding the 064 and the flywheel/coil combo.

I recently stripping down a non starting 064 and am in the process of rebuilding it - one of the issues aside the scored piston and melted rings, is the flywheel which is missing fins on it.

So, I would like to replace the flywheel however I seem to have stumbled into the Chainsaw equivalent of 'what car oil' threads on car Internet forums :-D

I have been checking over this rather wonderful thread:
and Also taking a nosey at the attached Stihl Ignition and flywheel documentation, I can see that the current setup in this 064 is as follows:

Flywheel - single keyway 1122 400 1201a
Coil - STIHL IIDA (Japan) that's all there is on this, no part number so I don't know if it's limited/unlimited.

So according to the attached document It seems to be running a flywheel with the incorrect coil? Would I be correct in that?

If so, is there a flywheel and coil combo that I can purchase to replace it all?

Thanks in Advance


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Missing fins is never a fun place to start- one you can take off one on the opposite side and be fairly safe- multiple= trash.
Basically, to help eliminate confusion, you could swap out for any of the 1122 ignition systems that run on the 8mm crank stub- coil and flywheel matched.
Only drawback is the coil may not mount up to your case bolt holes and you have to get a wee bit inventive to make things work.
Or, you go with the universal coil mounted on many Stihl models and a matching 1122 flywheel- but once again, mounting into the case can be bothersome in some models.

Photos of where the coil bolts up to the case will help people determine which mounting system you have and what coils suit or can be suited.
If you need me to check what coils and flywheels are in my saws, I can check.
I have two 064's both run fine. One of them is my "go to saw" man will that thing CuT
I'd love it if you did that - nothing like some real hands on evidence! :)
The deciding factor is the flywheel number.
Yes, the flywheel that is on the chainsaw just now is a 1201a which is getting binned. So I am free to use another flywheel and ignition coil combo (presumably) if the coil fits the case (pictures coming)
I can get my hands on a 1122 400 1203 double keyway - I think this would be the best route to go down as that can be used with limited and unlimited coils, and indeed, the coil pack that I already have?
patience grasshopper, I will get pics and numbers for you for what is in my saws.
the double key flywheel sounds good. I am certain that both of my saws are unlimited coils.
attached images of current coil in place


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