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Mar 7, 2019
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Frederick Co
Last week I hit a pretty big root on a Japanese Cherry with my lawn mower, just didn't judge the spot right at all. I know dumb...going to be mulching this area. It's a pretty big root about 5in diameter, took a pretty clean but large chunk out of the bark, about 8in long 3in across. I don't think it was the first time judging from some darker spots on the heart wood. It's larger now....

I did a little bark tracing to clean up the rougher spots, a couple questions about that:

I read somewhere that a tree does better with and oblong wound in the direction of its vascular flow, this is about how it was, i didn't do much there. Anything to adjust with this shape?

The area marked in pink there seems to be tiny bit of separation of the bark and that union, it's been raining and if I press on it, some moisture escapes. Is this fine or should I remove more bark, if feels pretty firm there.


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