Big Boy Stihl 088 Bar ID assistance needed

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Nov 9, 2020
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Cohoes, NY
Hi all, I picked up this vintage Oregon Bar for my Stihl 088 today and need help identifying it and what chain I need. Seller said it has been hanging for 20 years, still has paint on the rails! Does anyone know how to interpret the etching, shown in the photo? 311C51F1-0DCE-42D3-AD38-BE265F274677.jpeg5BFFA598-CA68-4CD7-B1E5-7D17835755B7.jpegBEC29A55-CFD3-4A7E-BBF4-F6E1147063FC.jpegAAC59636-B02A-4D8D-B896-400E402ECB40.jpegCA2FD3BE-2EDA-4437-B2CF-AD083915D27C.jpeg. I have a 404 sprocket on the saw, the tip is a 3/8 though. Im not sure if it is 0.063, the seller showed me a “72” chain fit the slot, but it did have a little slot.
Looks to have originally been a .404 bar that's had a 3/8 nose fitted. That will mean you need to run 3/8 chain & it will change the drive link count.
It will most likely be .063 but I'd measure the bar groove to confirm

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