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I’d replace the spark plug for the sake of a $5 part. I had a brand new husky line trimmer start doing this after a couple of hours use. Put in a new NGK plug and haven’t had any issues since. Clean the air filter while you’re there
How are you adjusting the carb screws, they have limiters on the so without the correct tool you will only get a small adjustment with at screw driver.
So I'm having a issue with my brand new 365 x torq and dealer has been zero help.

Day 1 ran perfect on some 18 inch birch I took it easy on the throttle
Day 2 of using the saw it was COMPLETELY useless after an hour of use. It would bog as soon as you touched it to a piece of wood... ( 18 in Jack pine)I brought it in dealer said nothing wrong with it.

Day 3 of using it lacks power after an hour of use, constantly bogging down but still use able...I was cutting 15 inch spruce .
The dealer says there's nothing wrong with this saw.

I'm thinking it's a carb issue.. Diaphragms maybe. It seems like it's not getting enough fuel .
What should I do? Or where do I look?

For reference I have been using saws professionally for 3 years
1 hour? First check to see your filter and hose in the gas tank is still attached and has no holes in hose. then... When the saw bogs down, remove the air filter and remove the overflow hose that comes out of the gas tank and pop it off the small connector to the right. If it suddenly starts working great, the overflow hose was probably kinked, creating a vacuum in the tank, limiting the gas flow from the gas hose in the tank. It's an unexpected, but recurring issue for the Husq 365.

However, if that don't work, at least check the bowl filter (screen) inside the carb for debris.
.............. dealer has been zero help.

............ I brought it in dealer said nothing wrong with it.

...........The dealer says there's nothing wrong with this saw.
So the dealer has ran the saw three times and said there was nothing wrong with it? Were you there and did you witness him/her running itn in a log? Prior to fiddle flucking around with it just take it back. If your dealer is worth his/her salt they have large test logs to load test the saw in. Stay with them. Demand that they test the saw in your presence. If they do not have a log there then they are not a dealer you need to deal with. I kinda suspect you bought the saw from a "box store" and not a servicing dealer. Am I correct?

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