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Mar 27, 2018
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Hey guys,

I'm looking for a new skid mounted spray unit.

I had my eyes on the ones made by Altec but was recently informed that they are no longer selling them.

I would like a unit with 1000-1200 PSI, 20ish GPM and around 560 gallons of capacity split into two tanks.

Spraying mostly KOPA insecticidal soap.

Our current unit has had some reliability issues so would like something rugged.

Anyone have info on good places to source such a thing?
John Bean/FMC stainless steel tanks last forever.

I bought mine in 1984, and it still has the original pump on it. I'm still using the original pressure regulator and filter screen, too. Their equipment has reliability mastered.

It looks like new on the inside, but the paint has faded a lot. Any part not made with stainless steel rusted away a long time ago. I replumbed it with entirely new stainless steel pipe about 15 years ago. I've been running this thing so long, we actually wore out the agitator shaft this spring. We made a new one from stock material, so now we have tank agitation again. All the bearings and packings are still available, and the new machines being sold look just like my 40 year old unit.

Here is one that is close to your request:
Why do you want such high pressure? If you are spraying tall trees, you need more volume out the nozzle than you need higher pressure. If you are putting that much pressure at the nozzle for greater atomization, would an air-blast sprayer work better for you?