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Jan 31, 2012
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“Free” State of Idaho
My first mill setup I'm looking at pulling the trigger on an logosol F2+ with the "free" 1 meter extension and a Husqvarna 395xp with a 28" or 32" bar and some ripping chain.

I'll mostly be cutting thick slabs >16/4 or log halves for chainsaw carved benches and signs. generally soft woods; cedar and white pine under 2 foot dia as the bigger stuff is more valuable to me in round form for carving.

I'm open to suggestions and comments but my main questions are;

is the 395 the right saw not too big or too small? from what I have read they oil better than a 661 and I don't think a 881 is required but will a smaller saw treat me just as well, ms462, 572xp, cs800, g9000?

will I need an aux oiler at that bar length? trying to avoid this but if it is needed I'll probably go with a 2 bar setup (sorter 20 or 24" for smaller wood and a 32" with an aux oiler)

it doesn't seem like there are many other CSM options but is there another brand I should be looking at? quick set up and nonportable are bonuses to me.

I have 2 friends with large band mills LT50 hydro and an older Norwood? hydro and that's not really something that would serve my purpose well plus the cost and having to start from square one learning how to run and sharpen bands is not appealing.

thanks in advance for any/all advice or opinions
He!!, I'm still cracking up at your title, lol
Help to not spend $...on Really? 🤣


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Jun 17, 2022
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Industrialsized, I joined this forum just now to do what you requested, 'stop me from spending money'. But my reply is not to stop you from spending money, but to stop you from spending it unwisely.

10 years ago, I built my house (24'x48') with SYP lumber that I milled entirely on a Logosol with a Husqvarna 395xp.

2 years ago, I bought a Norwood LM29 bandmill. I have used it to build a workshop and a pole barn.

So, my advice to you is not to walk away, but RUN away from a chainsaw mill.

The difference is beyond night and day, and the money for a modest manual bandsaw mill is not much more than a new Logosol and Husky 395xp.

If you were to buy a bandsaw mill later on, you will always be kicking yourself for putting that money into a Logosol and chainsaw.

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