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Got four more in, Stihl 028, MS271, 025 and a Jonsered, don't know the model of it and don't know what's wrong with them other than the 025 which needs a little bit of everything.

No black tag on it anywhere (the Jonsered)?
Sometimes they hid them in funny places- like behind the PTO side wrap fixing points for some small 21## saws.
Right now I'm trying to get running a Jonsered cs2250. This is the first one I've messed with and am having it die on me right after start up. It seems to idle fairly well for a short while anyway, but when you give it the gas it dies. I tried to adjust the carb but my screw driver won't fit. Does this take a splined driver or something like that?
It had a small black tag on it with model # on it, the starter side label had some of the model on it but was torn up, couldn't read it.
The 670 is back in action and goes back to the owner tomorrow. Reassemble the 661 is next once I get the needed part from Mattsc hainsawparts, 🤪
who knew the 661 clutch was 13mm?
2 355s to fix and a 170 in today.
eventually I’ll get around to my own projects, lol.
Threw a better set of dawgs on the 272 the day before, then I picked up a new loop of 18” rs chain yesterday for the bar I had on the wall for her
Switched carbs a while ago to the HS225 from the HS163 and it’s been giving me problems, way way rich and won’t lean out on low jet so will have to take carb apart again and examine closer next time I’m out In The saw shop.

I took a look at the MS271 and the 028 Super on my bench and both had 90 compression on a known good tester. I'll fix the 028 but may take the 271 back to the owner. The reason being that I priced parts for the 271 and it's possible the parts plus labor might be more than the saw is worth. I'll leave that up to him. I'm not real crazy about working on the newer Stihl saws anyway...
Cold here today so my outdoor activities may be ended. No insulation and heat in the shop working against me also. Need to look into spray foam..... hmmmmmm......

Anyways, this is on my electronics bench today. 2 older Cobra 25 CB radios for restoration. One from the early 1980s and 1 from 1990.

Put the hs163 back onto the 272xp last night to see if it fixes the problem I’m having, threw the fresh kit back in that one from the hs225 and boom! instant start and idle! Couldn’t get it to idle even with the 225, guess I’m going to have to go though that one a bit more before I use it

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I picked up some McCulloch parts from and old dealer on my way the Mastermind GTG last month. I also got a couple of boxes of parts from Definitive Dave (Smith) so I have been trying to get through some of that.


This week I was going through clutch drums and sprockets.


Almost there...


Some of these relics will need a little attention before I can put them away. Another batch is already in the bowl vibrator.


There are some very interesting drums in the mix.