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SOLD!!!! 576xp



ArboristSite Operative
Dec 14, 2011
Brand new OEM piston, rings, wrist pin, wrist pin bearing, and impulse hose (just because). I bought it thinking it was a good deal and it was other than the piston was scored. I cleaned the cylinder and all seems well. I can't get you compression reading as my gauge is bad. Last saw I sold, my gauge read 140 and when the gentleman bought it he said his read 152. On this one, mine reads 140 but I can't say for certain that it is definitely off 12 psi or not.

I put fresh mix in (93 octane mixed 32:1 with husky xp oil) choked it and first pull it fired, I then pushed choke in and it went :chainsaw:. Let it run for a minute and shut it down. It started right back up and it's 0° here in balmy WV. I shut it off and it fired on the first pull the next 3 times.
Looking for $500 shipped OBO.
I have other pics but my Internet is brutely slow. Lete know if you want other pics.