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May 19, 2015
I need to replace engine in a 25 ton log splitter.it currently has B&S 6 horse can i use a 5.5 horse to do the job?

The 5.5 it’s going to be a little weak What ton is your cylinder 3 inch 4“ 5 inch 4 to 5 inches going to be within the 25 to 37 ton range with that said you’re gonna need at least an eight and up horsepower engine but, more importantly how many GPM is your pump ideally I 13 GPM to 20 GPM pump is good on a 25 ton to 37 ton splitter anything under 13 GPM is going to be in the 20 to 22 ton splitter so, if you have a 13 to 16 or 20 GPM pump I would put at least an 8 hp and up motor Anything under 13 GPM the 6 hp should be OK
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