cant get chips instead of sawdust while cutting

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As others have said, close detail photos of the cutters on your chain will help- but there is absolutely NO SHAME in not getting the perfect file until you learn the technique that suits you and the timber you are cutting- absolutely 100% none of us were experts in the beginning and if like me you cut a lot of softwoods- you can get away with murder damn near in the filing and still do okay, hardwoods are more demanding.

As for a bigger saw and bigger bar- I would drop any ideas of the MS270 like last months milk. The 51, maybe- but you could do a lot better.
I would be looking at 60cc saws or better. Something like a 262, 266 (365)Husqvarna- or 034, 036 (MS340-360) Stihl.
"like last month's milk" lol!
well, its final. im an idiot. for the past year ive been using the wrong file for my saw, to small. supposed to be a 3/16 so i picked some up. watched get the gullot on youtube. dude you rock!! cut way better but chain life has been drastically reduced. then i hit i think a nail in the tree cause saw some sparks and no freaking rock there. crap. i think i was using a 5/32 file. i have watched a bunch of billys vids and love em. couple other fellas vids to.
Here’s a example sorted should look like and if your real ambitious, square filing 2DF70FF8-CA73-4A0B-B306-CAE3A3E38D35.jpegFA8D55D7-3FC3-43E5-BD10-C9D9A030A443.jpeg
I only read the first and last page, so if anyone already said this sorry. If you are cutting logs on the ground you are hitting the dirt. All it takes is an inch long cut in the dirt and it's like sticking your best stake knife on a 12,000 RPM grinder. A few years ago a guy came on here and said he kept buying bad chains, they were dull out of the box. Some one told him to post a pic of where he was cutting, and giving instructions on how to file the saw. His local tree company was dumping logs on his concrete drive way. You could see the marks on the concrete where the tip broke through on every cut. When we called him on it, he said, "Oh, that little bit doesn't hurt". Yes it does, especially if you are seeing sparks fly.
i have a husqvarna e440 with 18" bar. im cutting some down red oaks that fell couple years ago. they are like 16 to 20" around. theyre big and hard. ive sharpened my chain like 3 times and even file the rackers down but cant get a good chip and kind of burning through it. thinking i need a bigger toothed chain but can i do that? also looking at a used husqvarna 51 and a sthil ms270. bigger saw that has a 18 or 20" bar that is more for the big stuff. can i put a bigger cutter chain on my 440 saw?
Red oak doesn't really make a big shaving. More of a chunk. Especially with low rakers. If the saw is feeding, I wouldn't worry about what the chips look like.
If you just have to have king size shavings, a square grind with a little extra side plate angle, a little less top plate angle, and rakers around .030. This is a game you can play for a long time, playing with angles. You get things dialed in and you can throw nice long uniform shavings. But you are going to want some west coast fir action.
The hook as others have mentioned is called the gullet. If the saw tooth isn’t sharpened properly you would most likely not get quality wood chips. Watch Buckin Billy Ray Smith on YouTube! He has some of the best tutorials on sharpening a chainsaw chain. Get the gullet friend! 😀
What if I told you that my chain, with sizeable gullets cuts faster than it will without gullets?
I was just super bummed about hearing Jed Walters passed away and you brightened my day a bit. Laughter is the best medicine. Thanks
Sad news. I always say, if I can't laugh at me, I can't laugh at anyone else. I also say, if today, I can make one person smile, it was a day well lived. So, if I got a smile out of you, I did what I was put here to do.

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