Ms400 very grabby. New yellow chain...

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Feb 24, 2023
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Hello everyone, I've been lurking on here for some time since I got my saw.
Long story short. Bought a new Ms400 last year, ran maybe 1 tank of gas through it before I watched enough videos and reading on here to decide I wanted more.
I advanced the timing about 7* and opened up the muffler a little more, in the opening shroud area. Saw felt like a raped ape. I've pretty much only been cutting standing dead ash trees as I have an abundance of them here.
After some sharpening of chains and trying different chains, I noticed the saw seems to grab very easily, as if there is no "Grey area". It's either cutting with not pushing, letting the saw do the work, or, the second you start leveraging the spikes, it's grabs immediately.
So I have bought a few new Yellow chains, (same chain that's recommended for it) and even with a new chain, I experience the same thing.

Only reason why this is so bothersome to me is, I literally just did the exact same work to my buddies ms362, and his saw has no issues in the cut. Same chain. You can apply pressure and the saw gradually loads up before stalling out the chain.

I feel like there is no torque in my saw, and I was blaming the chains I sharpened, but now I'm feeling like it might be the saw.
I can post pictures and videos when I get a chance. Thank you for the help!