New Stihl HTA-135 pole pruner vs the KombiSystem pole pruner (KMA-135 R)

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Jul 5, 2021
I need a new pole pruner for our orchard of mostly cherry trees on 30 acres, it needs to reach to about 5.5m high (while being held). I've had several professionals recommending different conflicting setups, those being:
  1. Stihl HTA-135 pole pruner
  2. Stihl HTA-86 pole pruner
  3. KMA-135 R KombiSystem with extensions and pole saw attachment.
Everyone has recommended switching from gas to battery, the conflicting info has been the power output and durability of these units. Some users are swearing by the KombiSystem, insisting that the power output is equal to the dedicated units, but they're more versatile and can be packed up into a small case with the obvious benefit being the switchable heads. Others are saying the new HTA-135 is far more powerful and durable than anything else and will blow a non-dedicated unit like the KombiSystem out of the water. Others are saying the extra money for the HTA-135 isn't worth it and the HTA-86 is the best value and lighter weight.

Does anyone have any experience with both products?

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