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I am trying to help a local collector find and air filter cover for and Olympyk 251 Automatic, anyone have something like that or a suggestion where to look?

I have a cover here,but don't know what mode; saw it goes to.I can post a pic,but unless your customer can send you a pic to match it up,I don't know as my pic will do any good.
Just want to keep you guys updated about my new oldie 271, still is working beautiful , even though is not getting heavy use , it does cut 80 cm hardwood with lots of power no failures , except probably leaking oil (o rings might need to be changed?)
I'm also looking into Folux chainsaws , F5, F6 and some model that seems to be bigger than F6 (owner has no clue what model is) and I wonder if there is any place to check up all models of Folux. And ,are they compatible with oleomac from the same era ? I've checked Folux F5 is 52cm ,that would be oleomac 252 or 251?
This is an interesting one, neither I know anything about em, and owner has no clue what model is it, only thing is starting and working
If there's someone from my part of the world, hit me up!!
We do have a small stash of EFCO chainsaw parts.
But not for USA models though. Some common parts, maybe :)

MT8200, 165, 137, 440, MTH510 units still available.

-oldpartsinasia Joe
Olympic 951...find IPL?

Just got an Olympic 951 that has been sitting for 3 years...And, just as I thought, full of gas and oil...Or should I say shellac?...Recoil rope broke...needs a new chain adjuster screw (bent...but no sign of having been dropped...probably was) ...new gas line/filter (tygon)...cleaned her up a bit...gotta kind of figure this one out as I go along....Begging for an IPL in the sticky manual area. Just doubt everyone checks it everyday...so thought I'd put it here...From what I can see the piston/cylinder look perfect...shiney and smooth. I'll try to get her back together and running one of these days...Price was right and from everything I've read they were/are quite a nice little 3.0 CU saw. (49.8cc). Not sure how to MM it either. Looks very compartmentalized in there and, given that it's a 20-yr old saw it might not need it. I'll have to run it a bit before I decide that. I'm going to have to go over this big thread and find the Olympic 951 comments again.
Hello. Olympyk 951 rarest!!! I am reading this, on this site for the first time on 2-15-2023. Yeah I'm a little behind the times. I also have an Olympyk 951 from 1997. I have the Specs. I have a Manual. I too, am also looking for parts and information, just way behind everyone else. I hope you old "Oly's" are still willing to share your knowledge with a younger person who still thinks an Olympyk is worthy of bringing back to life! Much Thanks to all! Neat site by the way!

I also think that if Olympyk had advertised with good looking women holding them, more folks would know about them.

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