I just need to leave my saw in the truck.....

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Dec 20, 2007
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...and not let the volunteer use it.

Hard to be upset, I offered it to him. But the first cut he ran it into the dirt.... I just sharpened it, and he used it five minutes, but every thing he cut was flush and into the dirt.

I quickly got back into my CTL and that made him shut it down and back away so I could work, but now I need to really clean it all up, Chain, Bar, pull clutch cover and detail, AF, that sort of clean up. Probably needed it anyway.

Clearing four new flyways to add holes to an existing course, and my loader does all the heavy selective clearing and grubbing really, but I now am blessed with three retired or semi retired guys that will work independantly and really clean the flyways with minor detail trimming. I will not use a hand tool myself, but these guys do a nice job by hand. Its too slow for me to do stuff by hand, and sometimes I cringe at how much work they are doing, like pulling vines down. "Dude, grab that and wrap it around my grapple teeth and back up". I feel bad they dont have power tools when mine are in my truck. but dang...... One guy has been buying tools every month so its getting better.

I can keep my TH Echo saw in my Skidder with me, which is safer all the way around.....

I deserve every bit of flogging I get right now, its my own way of cleansing my soul for letting someone use my saw. This guy, I suspected was a bit of a novice, just confirmed it. Tireless, and happy to volunteer, but I'm going to have to let him suffer with his HO saws, and tools now after Mondays show.
If you share your knowledge and experience with others, it will go a long ways.
Have him clean the saw up and sharpen it, you instructing how to do it.
Someday he will be doing the same for someone else.
It's the kind of world we all want to live in.
I was fortunate in high school to work on a small farm where I worked with the guy, not for him.
If the cow pen needed mucking out, he didn't point a finger to go do it, he got out two pitchforks.
I also did a four year apprenticeship as a union carpenter (concrete forming to trim and door hardware) for many, many types of people. Those that shared their knowledge, and those that guarded it. As a journeyman I enjoyed sharing. It's a team effort, it's a company effort to be efficient and profitable.
Sharing tools, not so much. Well I've done that some. Lent out a nice wood chisel when trimming out a mall store, that the person brought it back after having used it on concrete. It was a woman electrician that didn't know any better. Grind it down and sharpen it. Lesson learned to ask more questions. I had concrete chisels. Just didn't question what she needed.
So, I don't lend out cutting tool. But I've shared my chain saw bench vise many times to different people and shown them how to sharpen three or four teeth, and hand them the file. I don't do it for them.
I don't lend out gas powered equipment either. Mixed gas, straight gas, recreational (ethanol free) gas. I just don't, the exception being our son, on the rare occasion he needs something. He's also quite familiar with using tools, and knows to ask if in doubt.
If your fortunate enough to work with volunteers, create an environment in which they want to come back. Everybody has a first rodeo experience. Be kind...and reach out. We have all been there.