If You Could Only Have One Chainsaw Forever...

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If you were only able to have ONE chainsaw forever, which would it be?

Assuming parts readily available forever also and fuel and it still being legal to run.
Personally I would pick something that is not held together with JB Weld and sticky tape, opt for a saw well suited to my needs- not anybody elses and our timber species.

2159 with 20 inch bar and 3/8 chain.

I have a minty 011 that I rarely use. Trade it for your 261 ;)
What about an 015L and a box of parts for it? The thing is a major pain in the a$$ for my inexperienced self. I need my 261 though. It is kinda my biggest saw, and we have a lot of big wood in Virginia. I got it on my 14th birthday with my own money ( NOT sponsored by mommy and daddy ) and it was nice that there were some major storms before my birthday, and I even had some cleanup jobs lined up for after.20230722_072437.jpg20230722_075459.jpg20240106_150247 (2).jpg
Either my 590 or my 620P. Runs a 24” bar pretty good for me, rips with a 20. Both of them start ridiculously easy, super reliable, and parts are available for days. Only problem is they’re a tad heavy, but it’s not near as bad as some make it out to be

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