Three Echo Chain Saws


ArboristSite Guru
Dec 23, 2017
While cleaning storm damage I realized how often I hear people comparing chainsaws one to another of the same brand. Here's my opinion.
Echo cs310, the cs352 and the cs490 are small light saws liked by some people.
The cs310 after muffler mod and tuned cuts pretty close to the same as a stock cs352 when both have a stock 14 inch bar and sharp chain..HOWEVER,,the Anitvibe in the 352 feels a lot more robust and the air filter looks more professional. I will never buy another 310.
The cs352 is fast enough for a small saw as long as it's used for small size wood like 3 or 4 inch limbs and under..The cs490 is faster on bigger wood but it's not fast enough to make a big difference on 3 or 4 inch soft woods. Trees on the ground up to 12 or 14 inches soft wood the cs490 does pretty good..But the weight which is not a lot more seems to tire out a 74 year old a lot faster than a lighter saw EXCEPT when in wood over 4 inches because it's so much faster than the smaller saws..Time spend cutting is what tires my back more than a slight weight difference. Sometimes it's best to use a bigger saw and get it done a lot faster. Now,, Lets throw in the cs590. With a 20 inch bar and sharp chain that saw smokes the others BUT..what fool would lug a 18 or 20 ish pound saw when topping a downed tree..Yet,,bucking a 20 inch oak the 590 gets it done faster so it's less tiring..If someone has a farm and from time so time has a tree down that needs to be cleared I think the cs352, 490 and 590 will do the job well, when used for different sizes of wood..I'm of the opinion the cs310 was built to justify and drive the prices of the other small saws up.They could sell the 352 for less and dump the 310 and it would not leave a hole in the world..I think the price difference between the two saws is worth buying the IMHO much better saw 352. I'm of the opinion that it's simply not enough difference in speed to compare saws in small wood..Example. The Sthil 024 is 42 cc saw and feels a lot heavier than the echo cs352 and for cutting small limbs it's just not worth me cranking the saw. I never use it nor the Sthil MS026 due to weight difference and the Echos always start easy. My choice for a man who can afford only only one saw and uses it for farm use and very seldom cuts a tree over 20 to 30 inches would be the cs490. If a man can afford two saws I'd add in the cs590. My two younger brothers are Sthil men. They like the Sthil 391 but I can't see a lot of difference in how it cuts compared to to the cs590. A younger man than me could get by with only a cs590 but after all the damage my old body has endured I like a light saw for working a tree down.. I normally use 3 saws and sometimes 4 before i'm done..When I got old and slow I wanted saws that cut faster. The sooner I get the tree cut up and sit down the better my old body feels..AND, let me add,, Heat stroke..I almost had one last week. I've never let heat stop me but I learned heat stroke does NOT warn you. What kept me from dying in the woods was Aspirin and lemon water..I was burning brush piles and because we've had a lot of rain I did not take fire fighting gear. One fire started getting out and I used a Shovel to fight it then the other one blew up and here I am in a Short Sleeved shirt in 100 degree weather fighting fire with a shovel..I had to abandon the fire go to the house pack ice under my arm pits drink lemon water and take aspirin..Suddenly a huge rain storm blew in. It as hard and dropped enough water to put out the fires..Call me stupid but things like that make me believe in God. The next day I drove back there and both fires had burned most of the brush and I could see where the rain had put out the fire around the piles.. It rained again the very next day and some of that time the sun was shining..Strange weather..When I was a boy 70 years ago I heard an old man saying, "When it's raining and the sun is shining the Devil is beating his wife". While I'll agree that females can get crazy , that's why I will NOT ride a mare they get crazy every 18 days when they go through the heat cycle, it does bother me to think a man would hit a woman..I'm divorced and like a man getting over the flu or a 20 year illness, I feel a lot better and am much happier now. Her logic and my logic was not the same logic..Ha. Ha. Have a great day.