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I have a mac 3200 in need of a carb, if anyone knows a part number or can use this saw for parts I’d be willing to barter in either direction.
Looking for a coil for an Efco 940 / John Deere CS-40.

If anyone can help out please message me.

Hi guys, good to be back on the form after a 5 + years absence. Tonight I'm looking for an air filter cover for an MS 441. I've got cash and miscellaneous parts and whole saws. Could use a good bar for that saw also, At least 20"; 24 or 28 would be ideal.
Not 100% sure on the 1100, but here's a top end for one if you're looking. @fossil may be able to confirm interchangeability.

I one of the 2 cylinders I have are in good shape. plan is to build the saw with the parts I have and get it running then get an aftermarket XL if it fits and woods port it.
I have a unidentified homelite carcass sitting at home will have to look at it and see what it is.