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  1. ArchChris

    Broken leader on Black Locusts “Frisia” during transport! What to do?

    Hi all, I accidentally snapped of the tip of the currently leader branch on this black locust. It’s a young tree - wondering if I need to do anything to help it or still let it go. The leader is still taller than the other branches. I’ve attached some photos! Thanks in Advance
  2. L

    Eastern White Pine (Pinus Strobus)

    All - I am new here and am looking forward to being apart of this community. I want to get feedback on (1) fertilizer and (2) pruning as it relates to 2 eastern white pine seedlings I planted over the weekend. CONTEXT: I planted 2 eastern white pines, each about 1.5-2 ft tall, in my yard...
  3. ItsOnlyDoug

    To prune or not to prune...

    I planted this tree a few years ago and it is slowly starting to gain some ground. However, the main trunk split into two main branches one of which is not thriving as well as the other. And, this year we have a number of smaller shoots that popped up. What is the best way to manage this for the...
  4. Phalangie9

    No dominant stem

    Hi, I recently moved into this house and the front yard tree looks like it was never pruned. There is no dominant stem and I am not sure it's possible to coax one out of the tree at this point. The tree limbs are beginning to cross to neighbors driveway and over the garage.I'm near Denver...
  5. D

    Multiple Trunk Tree

    I have a boxelder tree along my property line that has a massive lean and is cracked 1/2"-1" wide in multiple places on the trunk. I'm going to remove the damaged trunk before it falls and becomes a problem. My question is: The trunk is part of a multi trunk tree. If i remove one or two of the...
  6. BillyB

    When to rely on nature and when to prune?

    Fungus on dead or suffering limbs causes me concern for the whole tree. I'm aware that trees have the ability to protect themselves and a superficial understanding of the 4 types of compartmentalization. Observation, seems to have taught me that these defenses don't always work. Sometimes the...
  7. BillyB

    Dead limbs - to prune or not?

    From the perspective of tree health only, assuming proper cutting technique, can you think of a time when it would be better to leave a dead limb on a mature deciduous tree, oak, black cherry, elm. or ash to be specific, rather than remove it? If so, please describe it. Alternatively asked, is...
  8. JovanMira425

    I often asked when is the best time to do pruning? Is it Spring or Winter?

    When the client would ask you when is the best to do pruning and trimming towards trees and shrubs, is it really winter? or spring?
  9. A

    Young Maple Pruning Trunk and Branches

    Hello, We have a young maple tree in our backyard which has been growing taller for the last 2 years since first discovered as a sapling. My concerns are that there are multiple trunks and it's not shaped properly. Not knowing much about this, it seems it is in dire need of some pruning. I'm...
  10. J

    Weeping (cedar?) Pruning

    Hello all, just moved into my new home and there is what I believe is a weeping cedar? Any identification help is appreciated- PlantSnap app didn’t identify correctly. As you can see by the pictures, it is starting to touch the roof and tangle the wires to the house (cable, not electric). What...
  11. greenfoot

    Black Oak branch removal

    I'm a layman, looking for feedback on my over enthusiastic day or pruning. The pole saw took over.... I believe this is an eastern black oak, the branch was reaching out and down into the road, it was a bit much for a manual pole handsaw. A 6in branch, the cut is 8+in. 2 queries: Did the 3 cut...
  12. Z

    Casia after Irma

    Hi all, Im green to the site and hoping for some help. My three year old Pink Cassia Bakeriana had a perfect canopy before hurricane irma decided to do its own pruning. I did prune some new, lower branches a few months ago but as you can see, the tree is funny looking. My questions are: 1...
  13. Z

    Pruning Casia after hurricane Irma

    Hi all, Im new and green to the site. I hope this is posted in the proper forum. My three year old Pink Cassia Bakeriana had a perfect canopy before hurricane irma decided to do its own pruning. I did prune some new, lower branches a few months ago but as you can see, the tree is funny...
  14. BillyB

    Scraping Wound Wood

    I'm in the process of trimming dead branches from my oaks with either a manual or power pole pruner. Many of the branches are bare of bark down to the trunk where the tree has distinctively protected itself by growing a ring of wound wood around the bare branch. Often, in an effort to trim the...
  15. BillyB

    Request for Pruning Feedback and Advice

    I've been cutting dead branches from mature oaks around my house. After study, most cuts seem reasonably straight forward but this one has me puzzled. I invite your feedback and advice. Allow me to apologize in advance for not taking photos before cutting and even more importantly, cutting...
  16. BillyB

    Ever prune beyond the branch collar?

    I'm about to prune a lot of mature oaks that have never been pruned before. My objective is mostly limited to removing dead limbs in an effort to improve tree health. I'm sure rot from some of these limbs will have moved past the branch collar into the trunk. My question has to do with what to...
  17. H

    Pruning basic

    A couple of basic questions about pruning. From what I’ve read the best time of year to prune many trees is often around the very end of winter, say February. What about dead or diseased limbs? Is the best time to prune them whenever you discover them? Also, what about pruning a tree to reduce...
  18. J

    Should I prune my young Purple Leaf Flowering Plum tree?

    I need knowledgeable advice as trees are not at all my expertise. I live in a typical residential community in a mid-sized Iowa town. A couple of years ago I had to remove the only 2 trees from my south-facing front lawn. Two autumns ago I planted a fledgling purple leaf flowering plum to...
  19. SlickDamian

    So I pruned an American Elm in 2014.. (Dutch Elm Disease)

    I am being sued for death of a 50years old American Elm that I pruned two years back. Tree has been removed and stumped by the treeowner. I was hired by a client to prune branches of an Elm that was situated on neighbour's yard. The tree owner (neighbour) is asking my client for cost of...
  20. I

    Oak Bushes...Please Help!

    Hello All. I have a property located in west central Wisconsin (LaCrosse area) littered with Oaks in a bush form (see pics). I want them to be trees. Do i just pick out the straight(est) one and cut the others at ground level? Something else? What time of year should I do this type of...